Collection: Airhole

Airhole is built for a life outdoors and protects adventurers from the elements with the world's best technical and fashionable face protection.

Tired of the lack of technical face protection available and facing severe weather in the backcountry, Canadian professional snowboarders Chris Brown and Kale Stephens knew there had to be a better way of dealing with a wet mask from heavy breathing and extreme conditions. Taking to Kale's grandma's old sewing machine, they re-purposed discarded outerwear jackets, cutting them into different shapes, sizes and fits to find the perfect mask. The result was the patented Airhole breath hole built into ergonomically shaped masks made from technical fabrics.

Since 2006 Airhole has continued to develop and lead the facemask industry with technical fabrics, tailored fits and the best graphics. Our mission: to defend adventurers from the elements.