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Airhole Airtube Classic Drylite

Airhole Airtube Classic Drylite

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The Airtube Classic is the traditional shape neck tube, designed to keep you warm and dry while protecting you from the sun.

Why do you need a hole in a face mask in front of your mouth?

As you exhale you also breathe out moisture. This gets trapped in the mask and you end up with a wet face all day..... nice. If it gets cold that moisture freezes making you colder. The Airhole is designed to allow breath to escape freely, avoiding the build up of condensation to keep you dry, warm and goggles fog free. Stay out there longer.

All Airhole masks have a minimum UPF of 50 which means they block 98% of harmful UV rays. This helps prevent premature aging and the risk of damage to the wearers skin. Unlike many sunblock products, Airhole Facemasks block both UVA and UVB radiation.


    - DRYLITE fabric uses a lightweight, perforated, quick dry fabric that acts like a second skin. Made from a blend of polyester and lycra, Drylite has incredible moisture wicking properties and a UPF 50 finish for 98% UV protection so you can stay cool, dry and protected in spring conditions or when the sun is shining.

    - AIRTUBE CLASSIC - Classic tube shape

    - LIGHTWEIGHT PROTECTION - Perforated fabric provides protection from the elements

    - MOISTURE WICKING + QUICKDRY - Wicks moisture to fabric surface for rapid drying

    Care Instructions

    Your outerwear needs to be well maintained to perform to the best of its abilities. A week in the mountains can leave outerwear slightly worse for wear. The DWR (Durable Water Repellent) coating can be damaged by dirt, body oils and other outdoor elements, causing the fabric to soak up water.

    But it’s easy to wash at home to make it good as new for next season.

    Use a specialist technical wash - Avoid household detergents when washing outdoor clothing as they can damage the DWR. A specialist wash will remove dirt and marks while revitalizing water repellency. Make sure your washing machine is clean - Remove any detergent build-up in your washing machine to ensure the two don’t mix and damage your kit.Remove all items from the pockets and do up all zips.

    Wash 2 large items at a time (Jacket and Pants) or multiple small items (eg Gloves, facemask necktube etc.) and follow the wash instructions on the tech wash bottle

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