Airhole is built for a life outdoors and protects adventurers from the elements with the world's best technical and fashionable face protection.
Tired of the lack of technical face protection available and facing severe weather in the backcountry, Canadian professional snowboarders Chris Brown and Kale Stephens knew there had to be a better way of dealing with a wet mask from heavy breathing and extreme conditions. Taking to Kale's grandma's old sewing machine, they re-purposed discarded outerwear jackets, cutting them into different shapes, sizes and fits to find the perfect mask. The result was the patented Airhole breath hole built into ergonomically shaped masks made from technical fabrics.
Since 2006 Airhole has continued to develop and lead the facemask industry with technical fabrics, tailored fits and the best graphics. Our mission: to defend adventurers from the elements.
Dakine (pronounced “da kine”) started in Hawaii in 1979 by repairing broken leashes for surfboards. Eventually this lead to making their own as they felt they could make a better one. Dakine takes this approach with everything they make, backpacks, luggage, accessories, outerwear and clothing.
If you have ever owned any Dakine products you will know how good they are and how long they last. Dakine is so confident of the quality of their products they offer a lifetime warranty on most of their products.

Dragon has established themselves as the leader in the snow goggle industry, with some firsts under their belt including the first frameless goggle in 2011 and the use of technology like Super Anti-Fog and Swift-lock. Their products designs are inspired by and tested by athletes to ensure that they are the best quality and they perform the best.

Under your feet, under our feet, here or over there, in the early morning or at the end of the day, on a cold January morning or a warm April afternoon, our playing field is continuously changing. It sets the rules and specifies how we should behave. The art of skiing is, therefore, above all about adapting to your environment, and this is the inspiration behind the design of Dynastar products. Dynastar's women’s specific skis aren’t just the men’s skis with a different graphic, they are designed specifically for women (who have a different centre of gravity, lower and further back compared to men).

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We've had some fun making our our own Tee and Hoodie designs, incorporating our logo on them, but now we've upped our game and partnered with a new factory that makes high quality organic cotton garments. Our super-soft Tee's and Hoodies are designed for comfort without compromising on style. And best of all, it's printed in the UK in a renewable energy powered factory. All our new Tees and Hoodies are designed to be returned to us so the can be recycled into new garments.

We've also partnered with Gogglesoc to produce 13 exclusive Gogglesoc designs with a funkier style.

Funky Yeti was the first shop in the UK to stock Gogglesoc, they were so cool we just had to have them.
Fed up with scratching and scuffing their expensive goggle lenses, Gogglesoc co-founders Rich, Josh and Andy decided to develop a solution. They decided that by combining function with fashion in a sustainable way, they would be able to bring something truly useful and truly desirable to skiers and snowboarders everywhere.
You can also use them to protect Mountain Bike / Motocross Goggles too.

An innovative replacement to a goggle bag, the Gogglesoc is a stretchy microfiber cover made from recycled plastic bottles. They are designed to be worn when your goggles are not in use and come in a ton of on-trend prints.

HEAD is on a mission to bring high-performance gear to every athlete, professional and amateur, to allow them to be the best they can be.

Whether race, piste or freeride, beginner or professional, the HEAD ski collection has something for you. Featuring the latest technologies, superb design and delivering the best performance in all conditions, this is where your ultimate skiing experience begins.

K2 is an American company founded in 1962 by brothers Bill and Don Kirschner. K2 is known for pioneering fiberglass ski technology, which made skis significantly lighter and more lively than their wood and metal contemporaries and by 1994, in a new factory, K2 had produced its own line of snowboards. Famous users of K2 skis include Seth Morrison, Doug Coombs and Glen Plake and some big names in Snowboarding too, Xavier De Le Rue and Jeremy Jones.
Their women’s specific skis aren’t just the men’s skis with a different graphic, they are designed specifically for women by the K2 Alliance, Women making kick-ass ski’s! The goal for the Alliance was to create a collection of skis designed from the ground up to specifically address the needs of female skiers of every level, type, and size.
Mummut was born in Swizerland in 1862 and since then they have been developing some of the best safety equipment for mountaineering and snowsports.

Marker has been a manufacturer of alpine ski bindings since 1952. Founded in Germany by Hannes Marker, the company is known for pioneering releasable binding technology. Marker's first model, the Duplex was followed in 1953 by the Simplex toe binding which was a huge success in the 1950s. New models introduced in the 1980s were major competitors on the alpine racing circuit.

Every single one of Nix Snowsport's Made To Measure Series skis are customised for you. Taking each skiers height, weight, ability level and skiing style and inputting it into Nix’s design software, the Bamboo core of each pair of skis are then cut and profiled to the correct shape and thickness for each skier’s requirements.

After the core is cut the ski is then moved to the layup stage where the edges are attached and additional layers of materials such as Carbon Fibre, Fibreglass, Flax or other materials as required are added to further customise the ski. Before moving to the Press the topsheet is added along with the graphics. While some graphics have been pre-prepared for each model you also have the option to customise your ski by swapping to the graphics from one of the other models or you can even opt for custom graphics.
The whole layup is then put into the press for a few hours to form the ski into its final rocker / camber profile. The result is a product that is as individual as you are, perfectly tailored to fit, giving you the confidence to ride harder, climb higher and descend further.

Each pair of skis is hand made in London. This usually takes around 3-4 weeks until delivery and may be longer during busy periods.

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It’s for all who don’t just ski, but who love to ski. For every skier who makes each run one to remember. And for the people who pass their powder-packed hearts down from one generation to the next. We’re for any and every skier who lives for all-mountain adventure. This goes out to the boots and the skis that take us out on journeys farther than we ever thought we could go, and bring us closer together than we ever believed we could be. Together we have created family and fellowship. Even in the wind-blown face of adversity, we have never given up and we have never given in. Here’s to following our own compass no matter where it takes us. To doing things our way.

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Made in the USA using Merino Wool from New Zealand. There is a huge range of quality of merino wool and the Point6 team has spent over 20 years producing merino wool products and have the expertise to select only the best fibres with very tight specifications. Point6 socks are guaranteed for life!
Point 6 has set up a program to recycle and repurpose all of their products into disaster relief blankets at the end of their life.

“We are constantly evaluating the life cycle of our products from beginning to end. From sourcing our raw materials, care of the animals and care for the farmers, to creating efficiencies in manufacturing processes and recycling efforts, we strive to take better care of our customers and make products that positively impact our world. That's why we have found a way to recycle Point6 socks into homeless relief blankets. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle."

The POW brand was first dreamt about in 1997 on a road trip to a Washington State ski resort, Steven’s Pass. Years later, 2002, founder Dustin Goss began the branding and company development for POW that has emerged into a rapidly developing brand focused on quality hand-wear. By the 2008 season POW had achieved distribution in over 30 countries and began to drive a global brand culture that resonates to this day world-wide with a single product line. And in 2010 POW was extended a GORE-TEX® license that allowed them to feature the durable and waterproof material in their products; meanwhile validating the “Built to Last” and “All Day, Everyday” mantras the company is known for.

Leave it to POW to bring you the finest fitting, feeling, and most functional hand-wear for winter sports.

Inspired by a passion for design and function, Spect create products for active people with style. The frames, sunglasses and ski goggles are designed with great attention to detail in Graz, Austria. Since 2016 Spect have also had a close partnership with the global Red Bull group. In collaboration with their extensive network of top athletes, Spect develop innovative products that meet even the tough demands of world class athletes.

Get your Red Bull SPECT sunglasses and ski goggles now!

In 1965, Dr. Bob Smith, orthodontist and original ski bum, developed the first sealed thermal lens and breathable vent foam goggles so he could get a few more powder runs on days when everyone else had to go indoors. For over 50 years, SMITH has pioneered advanced products to fuel fun beyond walls, creating innovations that amplify awesome, and crafting gear where every detail makes a difference.
Taking 50 years of heritage to inform the next 50 years of innovation, SMITH is dedicated to making products that authentically empower thrill seekers and modern explorers in snow, bike, fish, surf, peak performance outdoor adventure and more.
Therm-ic has a long and successful history in developing heating technologies over the last 20 years.
In 2013 Therm-ic became part of the Sidas group, the worlds leading foot experts, which has allowed both companies to focus on what they do best, Sidas focus's on feet and bio-mechanics and Therm-ic focus's on heating systems. Bring the two together and you should have comfortable, warm feet.
Since TOKO was started over 100 years ago, this Swiss brand with its rich tradition has stood for continuous innovation and first-class quality. The specialist for surfaces develops and produces a variety of waxes from beginner products through to absolute high-tech waxes. TOKO waxes and tools provide skis and boards with top performance and extra safety on the slopes. TOKO is also very much at home in the outdoor sector. Products from the Care Line have proven themselves a million times over when it comes to retaining continuous top functionality and long life for textiles, shoes and other equipment.