Disability Snowsport UK

Funky Yeti are proud supporters of DSUK

DSUK believe that taking part in adaptive snowsport has the power to transform a person’s relationship with not just their disability, but with all aspects of their lives. We believe that all people have the right to access the unique physical, mental, and social benefits of snowsport, regardless of disability, injury, or experience.

DSUK operate ski schools at various locations throughout the UK as well as delivering opportunities to ski and snowboard in a mountain environment worldwide.
They are supported by a fantastic team of highly-qualified adaptive instructors as well as a brilliant network of passionate and skilled volunteers. Together, they work to ensure that everybody has the opportunity to access snowsport.

"It's amazing seeing the kid's in their sit-skis experiencing and loving the slopes as we do. They get a level of independence and freedom skiing that they don't get anywhere else"

Claire & Alison


A great way to support DSUK is through purchase of our DSUK Gogglesoc.
In partnership with DSUK, Funky Yeti ran an online design contest to create a custom DSUK Gogglesoc.
The final 3 design entries were then put to a public vote with Amanda's entry winning the contest.
Using Amanda's design as inspiration, Gogglesoc's design team made the final design come to life.

All the profits from the sale of this Gogglesoc will be donated to DSUK.

"When I became disabled my whole world changed. I needed something that would make me feel alive again, something that would make me feel the blood pumping around my body and give me the thrill that I needed in my life. Thank you DSUK!"


There are many other ways you can support DSUK;

Become A Volunteer

DSUK have various volunteering opportunities on the mountains or in the U.K.

Become An Instructor

There are very few careers as rewarding as an adaptive Snowsports Instructor.

Fundraise For DSUK

There are many different opportunities for you to raise much-needed funds for DSUK

To learn more about Disability Snowsport UK and the amazing work they do, click here;

Or you can make a donation via thier Just Giving page here;

You can also make a donation at the checkout whenever you make a purchase at Funky Yeti.

Thank You For Your Support !