Collection: Funky Yeti x Vans Customs

Vans is a legendary American skateboarding brand that has been around since 1966. Known for their durable and stylish shoes, Vans has become a staple in skate and streetwear culture. 

The Vans Authentic Shoe, in particular, is an iconic style that has been around since the brand's inception. It features a low-top design, canvas upper, and signature waffle outsole, making it a versatile and durable shoe that can be worn in many different settings.

Funky Yeti is a creative brand that's all about bringing fun and whimsy to everyday items. With our unique designs and bold color palettes, we aim to make everyday life a little more exciting. Our Funky Yeti designs are now available on the timeless Vans Authentic Shoe, creating a one-of-a-kind product that's sure to turn heads.

We're excited to offer our customers a chance to express their unique style with our fun and funky designs on the iconic Vans Authentic Shoe.