Collection: Gogglesoc

Funky Yeti was the first shop in the UK to stock Gogglesoc, they were so cool we just had to have them.

Fed up with scratching and scuffing their expensive goggle lenses, Gogglesoc co-founders Rich, Josh and Andy decided to develop a solution. They decided that by combining function with fashion in a sustainable way, they would be able to bring something truly useful and truly desirable to skiers and snowboarders everywhere.

An innovative replacement to a goggle bag, the Gogglesoc is a stretchy microfiber cover made from recycled plastic bottles. They are designed to be worn when your goggles are not in use and come in a ton of on-trend prints.

You can also use them to protect Mountain Bike / Motocross Goggles too.


Spoilt for choice? Don't know which one to get? Let us pick for you! The Mystery Soc