Therm-Ic Powersock Heated Socks - Men's

Therm-Ic Powersock Heated Socks - Men's

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  • Do you get cold feet while skiing?

    If you suffer from poor circulation, Diabetes or Raynauds Disease some heated socks are an essential piece of kit. They are also ideal for instructors, race coaches or lifties who are standing around in the snow all day.

    The socks have electric heating elements in them to help keep your feet warm all day. With 3 heat settings you can control the heat level via an app on your phone.

    With a number of foot (shin, ankle and instep) reinforcements for total comfort. Practical and versatile, it’s perfect for skiing. Developed in partnership with X-Technology.

    Battery packs not included.

    We have 2 battery packs available, the 700B and the 1400B. The main difference between the two is power. The 1400B has larger more powerful batteries that last longer, up to 16 hours vs 8 hours for the 700B.


    Battery packs

    Battery packs can be found here.


    Materials: Nylon 36% , Acrylic 36%, Merino Wool 11%, Polypropylene 10%, Polyester 5%, Elastane 2%X-Technology fibers: Xitaloft 36%, Nylon 20%, Robur™ 16%, Merino Wool 11%, Mythlan™ 10%, XITANIT® 5%, Elastane 2%

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