Gogglesoc - Pina Soc
Gogglesoc - Pina Soc
Gogglesoc - Pina Soc
Gogglesoc - Pina Soc

Lens not lasting? A Gogglesoc is a protective microfiber cover for your ski or snowboard goggles. Use it to clean and protect. One size fits all (mostly). Easy on, easy off.

The microfiber fabric is stretchy and suitable for cleaning any goggle lens. Oh yeah, and it's made from recycled plastic bottles.

Gogglesoc's fabrics are 12% polyester (Spandex) and 88% rPET, or recycled Polyethylene Teraphlate. rPET is manufactured from post-consumer recycled plastic bottles

The Pina is part of the Fruity Collection. Stay healthy out there! Protect your goggles in style with the Fruity Collection.


Will a Gogglesoc fit my goggles?

A Gogglesoc is a one size fits 'most' product.

There are some goggle sizes that a Gogglesoc does not work so well on. We do not recommend purchasing Gogglesocs for children's goggles (age 5 and under).

Care Instructions

Gogglesocs can be washed with similar colors in a standard washing machine at 30 deg C (or 80 deg F). You can tumble dry them as well.

Do not bleach. Do not iron (the recycled plastic will melt to your iron if you do!).

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