Airhole Facemask Filters

Airhole Facemask Filters

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We introduce the Airhole Filter.⁠⠀
A removable silicone plug with a finely woven multi layer cotton filter that can be inserted into any Airhole Breath Hole in seconds.⁠⠀
Whether you're in the lift line or taking a break in the lodge the filter fulfils the requirement for face coverings whilst allowing you to easily remove it on the slopes so you can continue to Breathe Free⁠.


Why do you need a hole in a face mask in front of your mouth?

As you exhale you also breathe out moisture. This gets trapped in the mask and you end up with a wet face all day..... nice. If it gets cold that moisture freezes making you colder. The Airhole is designed to allow breath to escape freely, avoiding the build up of condensation to keep you dry, warm and goggles fog free. Stay out there longer.

A Covid mask needs to catch this moisture. So to prevent the spread of Covid-19 you will need to either plug this hole or rotate the mask so the hole is no longer over your mouth.

*Please note, we are unable to accept returns of filters due to Covid-19.


For customers that have already purchased an Airhole facemask from us please contact us with your order number to receive your FREE Airhole filter (UK only).


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