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Thermic Powersock V2 - Unisex Heated Ski / Snowboard Socks

Thermic Powersock V2 - Unisex Heated Ski / Snowboard Socks

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Do you get cold feet while skiing? When the weather gets cold your body slows the circulation to your extremities (hands and feet) to keep your core warm.

If you suffer from poor circulation, Diabetes or Raynauds Disease heated socks are an essential piece of kit. They are also ideal for instructors, race coaches or lifties who are standing around in the snow all day. Or if you like having warm feet!

The socks have electric heating elements built in to them to help keep your feet warm all day (depending on battery settings). Bluetooth-equipped batteries enable the Powersocks to be controlled by your smartphone. With 3 heat settings you can control the heat level via an app on your phone making it easy to set the heat level without having to roll up your pant leg to adjust them.

Battery packs not included.


Therm-Ic Powersock App

Battery Packs

Battery packs can be found here.

The battery packs simply clip on to the sock and are charged via any USB charger, phone charger etc.

We have 2 battery packs available, the 700B and the 1400B. The main difference between the two is power. The 1400B has larger more powerful batteries that last longer, up to 16 hours vs 8 hours for the 700B. Both are Bluetooth equipped.


Nylon 37%, Acrylic 37%, Wool 11%, Polypropylene 8%, Polyester 5%, Elastane 2%

Care Instructions

Therm-Ic Powersocks can be washed in the washing machine on a regular cycle. Battery packs are attached by pop buttons, so just remove them before washing.

We recommend that you wash your socks on a normal warm or cool machine wash cycle with regular powder or liquid clothes washing detergent, and do not use fabric softener or bleach.

As usual, separate your lights and darks and do not expose to heat and do not tumble dry.

  • Wash similar colours together
  • Close all zippers
  • Do not wash above 40 Degrees and line dry garments – do not tumble dry as this contributes to shrinkage
  • Use regular clothes washing detergent, not wool detergent, do not use bleach or fabric softener
  • To preserve colours products are best left to line dry or lie flat in the shade.

Pro tip # If you do want to freshen up your socks while on holiday but don’t have a washing machine just wear it in the shower and use your regular soap or shower gel on the garment. If it’s safe to go on your skin or your hair it’s safe for your clothes.

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