Therm-Ic Refresher
Therm-Ic Refresher
Therm-Ic Refresher

Therm-Ic Refresher

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The Therm-ic Refresher dryer will be very useful when your shoes, boots or gloves are completely wet after your outdoor sports activities or your long winter walks.

This drying device works with mains plug and blows hot air through the two arms with adjustable lengths which easily get into your ski or sports shoes, your boots and your gloves as well.

With its built in UV light bad odours will be a distant memory.

It is light and can be handled easily thanks to its two foldable arms. Tight, it can be carried and stored effortlessly.
It also includes an USB port for charging every external device such as a mobile phone, a timer that turns off according to the selected heating time (1 to 3 hours of heating) as well.


  • Dries damp shoes or gloves in a few hours
  • UV light prevents the development of bacteria and germs
  • Absorbs unpleasant odours
  • Drying time control on the device
  • Compact and silent
  • Fits all boot types and sizes
  • Adjustable tube length (between 5.3 and 8.5 inches)
  • USB charging point
  • Works with 230V mains power

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