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Smith Squad Mag Goggles - Draplin Spectrum

Smith Squad Mag Goggles - Draplin Spectrum

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Goggle Buying Guide

From bright and sunny to dark and stormy, everyday on the mountain has its own personality. The Smith Squad MAG goggles include two interchangeable lenses and Smith's easiest lens change system so you always have the right tint for the conditions.

Six magnetic contact points and two simple levers let you change lenses anywhere, anytime. The cylindrical lens design offers a wide field of view and our contrast-enhancing, color-boosting ChromaPop™ technology gives you elevated clarity and detail for alpine runs and tree stashes alike, all with the option of a quick lens change anytime the conditions warrant.

Includes a custom microfiber bag and custom gogglesoc™

Included Lenses

ChromaPop Everyday Violet Mirror - 23% VLT - Sunny

Featuring a brown base tint, a versatile lens sit designed to be used all season long throughout a wide range of medium to bright conditions.

*** Bonus Lens ***
ChromaPop Storm Rose Flash - 50% VLT - Mostly Cloudy / Low light

Tuned to bring the most out of an environment when the storm moves in and the lights go out. Optimize your contrast even on the worst days, so you can stay out longer.


VLT = Visible Light Transmission, the amount of light the lens lets through. Lower VLT rated lenses are good for bright, sunny days, whereas higher VLT rated lenses are best in cloudy or low light situations.


Lens Disclaimer.

Lens colours shown are for illustrative purposes only and actual lens colours may differ from those shown in the photos. Images shown are edited to remove camera reflections and to highlight lens colours.


Medium / Large fit
QuickFit strap adjustment system lets you find the right fit fast
Ultra-wide, silicone-backed strap stays put
Three-layer DriWix face foam wicks moisture for a fog-free fit
Responsive Fit frame adjusts to your face for a precise, comfortable fit
Available with ChromaPop™ lens: ChromaPop™ enhances contrast and natural color to make the details pop
Cylindrical Carbonic-x lens for clarity and impact resistance with built-in
Airflow technology for active ventilation
5X anti-fog inner lens for advanced fog-free performance
Smith MAG lens change system uses magnets for quick, easy lens changes

Goggle Care

Look after your goggles and they will last a long time. Here are some tips on how to care for your goggles.

  • NEVER touch the inside surface of the lens, grease and oils on your skin damage the anti-fog coating. manufacturers add anti-fog coatings to the lens but if this coating gets damaged it won’t work. If you have a crash and get snow inside the goggle DO NOT wipe the lens, the snow crystals will scratch the surface of the lens and remove the anti-fog coating. Just shake the snow out.
  • Wearing – Don’t put the goggles on the top of your head. Goggles fog because of the difference in temperature between the inside and outside. The head is the hottest part of your body and heats up the inside of your goggle. They should either be on your face or off completely. Whenever you are not wearing your goggles put them in the bag supplied with the goggles. This will protect the lenses from getting scratched. There are also coatings on the outside of the lens, some are for anti-glare some are hydrophobic (helps moisture run off the surface), if you need to clean / wipe the outside of the lens make sure you shake any snow off and use a clean Microfibre cloth or turn the goggle bag inside out.
  • Drying – after a long day on the mountains the foam on the inside of the goggle will have gotten wet / sweaty, to dry them remove them from their goggle bad and leave them in a warm room to dry (do not apply heat to them as this can distort the lens and delaminate the lens layers).
  • Cleaning – Moisture from sweat and tears can build up on the inside of the lens. To clean this off run the lens under cold water and wipe with a microfibre cloth.

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Goggle Cases

Let’s face it. Goggle lenses fog. They get scratched. They get dirty. Light changes throughout the day. But with the right gear, you can be prepared for any situation the mountain can throw at you.

Grab a case to protect your goggles.