Gogglesoc Sunnysoc - Aurora
Gogglesoc Sunnysoc - Aurora Sunglasses Case
Gogglesoc Sunnysoc - Aurora
Gogglesoc Sunnysoc - Aurora
Gogglesoc Sunnysoc - Aurora

Gogglesoc Sunnysoc - Aurora

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Lenses not lasting? All new for summer 2021 comes the Gogglesoc Sunnysoc!

Protect your sunglasses in style with this microfiber protective pouch. With a easy opening clasp (no boring drawer string), a carabiner so you can clip your sunnysoc wherever you need to and an internal lens cleaning cloth attached, your sunglasses will love you!

You can use them for your specs, your phone or as a little pouch for your other accessories.

Oh yeah, and it's made from recycled plastic bottles. Gogglesoc's fabrics are 6% polyester (Spandex) and 94% rPET, or recycled Polyethylene Teraphlate. rPET is manufactured from post-consumer recycled plastic bottles.

1 plastic bottle makes approx 1 Sunnysoc.


Will a Sunnysoc fit my sunglasses?

Sunnysocs will fit most glasses and sunglasses, but if your glasses are too big to fit in a regular drawstring sunglasses pouch, then they’re likely too big for the Sunnysoc.

If you're not sure, give your sunnies a quick measure. The dimensions of a sunnysoc are:

  • Centimetres: L 18.5cm x W 8.3cm x D 1cm
  • Inches: L7.25 inch x W 3.25 inch x D 0.25 inch

Care Instructions

Sunnysoc's can be washed with similar colors in a standard washing machine at 30 deg C (or 80 deg F). You can tumble dry them as well.

Do not bleach. Do not iron (the recycled plastic will melt to your iron if you do!).


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