Dragon X2s Goggles (2019) Flaunt
Dragon X2s Goggles - Flaunt
Dragon X2s Goggles - Flaunt

Dragon X2s Goggles - Flaunt

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    The X2s is Dragon's top of the range goggle packed full of features. With all the same features as the X2 but in a smaller fit.

    The large Spherical lens is optically correct, the curve of the lens matches the curve of your eyes, reducing distortion meaning you can ski all day without your eyes getting tired. With Swiftlock you can switch lenses super easy, adapting to any weather conditions. Dragon’s Super Anti Fog, an anti-fog coating developed by NASA for their space helmets, means your goggles shouldn't fog. And the triple layer face foam makes them comfortable against your skin.


    Included Lenses

    VLT = Visible Light Transmission, the amount of light the lens lets through.


      • Gold Ion - 10% VLT - Sunny
      • Dark Smoke - 20% VLT - Sunny

        Replaceable Lenses

        Tune your goggle to variable weather conditions with replacement lenses designed to handle specific conditions and light transmissions.

        Spare lenses for the X2s can be found here; Dragon X2s Lenses


        Small / Medium fit

        Swiftlock Lens Change System

        Swiftlock Lens Technology enables riders to change lenses instantly, providing a faster, easier, and more secure way to adapt instantly to changing light conditions. The easy on-and-off mechanism utilizes a pair of small, locking levers integrated into the goggle frame. Simply flip the levers up to release the lens, pop in the new one, and with one quick motion, lock it down.

        Triple layer face foam

        Superior comfort and breathability through multiple layer densities.

        Optically Correct Lens System

        Offers superior clarity and performance by eliminating distortion through tapered geometries.

        Super Anti Fog

        Combating lens fog is a must, so Dragon employs its proprietary Super Anti-Fog technology to keep your goggles fog-free, so you can maximize your enjoyment, and ensure premium performance no matter the conditions.


        Lumalens is a colour optimized lens technology offering ultra high-definition optics across the entire spectrum of light conditions. Engineered to optimize and improve visibility in all environments, Dragon’s exclusive Lumalens Technology delivers enhanced colour vividness, increased contrast and precise depth perception. By filtering out light attributed to haze and glare while letting in light that intensifies clarity and contrast, Lumalens achieves a new standard in lens performance.

        100% UV Protection

        Blocks 100% of all harmful UV rays. Long-term exposure to UV rays can damage the eye’s surface as well as its internal structures.
        Stay Protected!

        Goggle Care

        Look after your goggles and they will last a long time. Here are some tips on how to care for your goggles.

        • NEVER touch the inside surface of the lens, grease and oils on your skin damage the anti-fog coating. manufacturers add anti-fog coatings to the lens but if this coating gets damaged it won’t work. If you have a crash and get snow inside the goggle DO NOT wipe the lens, the snow crystals will scratch the surface of the lens and remove the anti-fog coating. Just shake the snow out.
        • Wearing – Don’t put the goggles on the top of your head. Goggles fog because of the difference in temperature between the inside and outside. The head is the hottest part of your body and heats up the inside of your goggle. They should either be on your face or off completely. Whenever you are not wearing your goggles put them in the bag supplied with the goggles. This will protect the lenses from getting scratched. There are also coatings on the outside of the lens, some are for anti-glare some are hydrophobic (helps moisture run off the surface), if you need to clean / wipe the outside of the lens make sure you shake any snow off and use a clean Microfibre cloth or turn the goggle bag inside out.
        • Drying – after a long day on the mountains the foam on the inside of the goggle will have gotten wet / sweaty, to dry them remove them from their goggle bad and leave them in a warm room to dry (do not apply heat to them as this can distort the lens and delaminate the lens layers).
        • Cleaning – Moisture from sweat and tears can build up on the inside of the lens. To clean this off run the lens under cold water and wipe with a microfibre cloth.

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