Dakine / Mammut RAS Removable Avalanche Airbag 3.0

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This item is only available for purchase as a kit with a Dakine RAS backpack.

The Removable Airbag System 3.0 is an avalanche airbag system based on a square, brightly-coloured airbag that deploys behind the wearer’s head within seconds. The new system is safe and easy to use. It is even lighter and smaller than before and can be attached to all Removable 3.0-compatible backpacks.

Travelling with Avalanche Airbags


Please note that we are unable to ship cartridges with this item internationally.



  • Weight without cartridge 690g
  • Weight with airbag system and carbon cartridge 1010g


  • Filling time - 3 sec
  • Airbag volume - 150L
  • Removable Airbag System 3.0
  • Mammut’s lightest airbag system: Without its carbon cartridge, the system weighs just 690 g (1010 g including carbon cartridge)
  • Very small packing volume: Fully integrated into the backpack. Does not get in the way of internal organization
  • Complete flexibility: The user can remove the system from the backpack and transfer it to other compatible backpacks. The backpack can be used for other activities.
  • Dependable: Compressed gas energy storage is not affected by the weather or the temperature
  • Height-adjustable, easily stow able T-shaped deployment handle
  • Faster location of buried subjects thanks to the bright colour
  • Screw-in ready: Screw in the cartridge and the system is ready to use straight away
  • Range of application: -30 °C to +40 °C
  • NOT compatible with Removable Airbag 2.0 backpacks (from W11-12 to W15-16)

How to install the Mammut RAS 3.0 system

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