Dakine / Mammut RAS Removable Carbon Cylinder

Dakine / Mammut RAS Removable Carbon Cylinder

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With an extremely light cartridge wrapped in carbon fibre for the most demanding requirements. When filled, this cartridge weighs just around 310 grams and therefore about 50% less than a steel or aluminium cartridge. The cartridge is an essential component of the avalanche airbag system and must be ordered separately. 

Compatible with Mammut Removable Airbag Systems and Protection Airbag System packs as well as Snowpulse 2.0 Airbags.

Please note that we are unable to ship cartridges internationally.



Carbon cartridge filled with nitrogen

Dimensions - 13.3 x 28 x 6.9 cm ; 281 g

Weight - 310 Grams

Cartridge Exchange

If you deploy your airbag and need a replacement cartridge you can send the empty cartridge back to us and we’ll replace it for £25 + postage.

The £25 charge includes the return cost of your empty cartridge. We will send your replacement cartridge and when the courier drops it off they will collect the empty cartridge.


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