Cold feet?

Cold feet?

Do you suffer with cold feet when skiing / snowboarding?

The solution is not always what you think it is. The most common mistake is to put on extra pairs of socks but that can make things worse. Modern boot liners have enough insulation in them to keep you warm on their own.

The most common causes of cold feet are;

  • Tube Socks - Tube socks can bunch up and create pressure points which can cut off your circulation. A proper snow sock only has padding where you need it and is thinner where you don't. This helps improve circulation.
  • Boots too loose / "comfortable" - A "comfortable" boot can allow your foot to move inside the boot, this then leads to over tightening to try and hold your foot in which causes pressure points and cuts off your circulation giving you cold feet. A Medium - Thick sock can help reduce this movement by taking up extra space.
  • Socks too thick - A proper fitting boot should feel like a "firm handshake" without doing up the buckles / laces. If you have a proper fitting boot and are still cold you may want to try a thinner sock. A thinner sock can give your feet a little more room inside the boot to help circulation.
  • Sweat / moisture - Sweat can freeze, making your feet cold. A proper snow sock is made from materials that wick moisture away from your feet. Natural fibres such as Merino Wool are best as synthetic materials require body heat to activate their wicking function.
  • Poor base layers - When your body gets cold it shuts off circulation to your extremities, i.e. hands and feet. Keep your core warm and your body sends that nice warm blood around your entire body. Natural fibres such as Merino Wool are best.
  • Circulatory / nerve issues - Medical conditions such as Raynauds Disease, a disease that is not actually a disease. Often miss pronounced as “Raynards Disease”.
    Raynauds is a chronic condition in which blood supply to the extremities is severely reduced by exposure to the cold. It is most often seen in young women. Attacks are usually brought on by cold or emotional factors. Typically the hands and/ or feet appear corpse like or white in colour, changing to a blue tinge as the circulation returns. Electrically heated socks are essential. They have a battery pack which connects to a heating element built in to the sock that gently heats the sock throughout the day.


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