Red Bull Spect Sunglasses - FLY Black Smoke With Blue Mirror Polarized
Red Bull Spect Sunglasses - FLY Black Smoke With Blue Mirror Polarized
Red Bull Spect Sunglasses - FLY Black Smoke With Blue Mirror Polarized

Red Bull Spect Sunglasses - FLY Black Smoke With Blue Mirror Polarized

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FLY is the perfect mix of elegant design and sporty charm. Whether beach party or mountain bike round, FLY is your sporty-elegant sunglasses for every situation.

The patented WING system combines two temple elements in one frame. By moving a small slider on the temple, a second hidden metal wire extends out and wraps around the ear.
The second temple provides secure fit grip during high-level sports activities. Through its curly form, the flexible wire securely hugs the ear. In the same way as it extends, the wire slides back until it completely disappears inside the temple again – without once removing the frame from the head. The innovative WING system is specially developed for high movement sports and tested by leading Red Bull Athletes around the globe.

Polarized lenses reduce the effects of glare by reflected light. No matter if you are on snow or water, polarized lenses give you the freedom to enjoy your life outdoors. Contrasts and colours appear more intense. Visual clarity and comfort are increased.

SPECT Eyewear sunglasses offer optimal sun protection for your adventures. Whether on water, snow, in the mountains or chilling by the pool, these sunglasses protect you 100% from harmful UV rays. The sporty companions not only protect your eyes, they are also stylish accessories and come with innovative functions that offer real added value.



  • Frame Size - Medium (54-17-145)
  • Frame: TR90 - TR90 is a thermoplastic developed in Switzerland that is extremely durable, flexible and lightweight.
  • Lens Colour - Blue Mirror CAT3 Polarized
  • Lens: Polycarbonate - Polycarbonate lenses are robust, break-resistant and offer excellent UV protection
  • Spectacle shape - Round Cateye
  • Polarized - Polarizing lenses are particularly advantageous for sports and leisure activities. They absorb dazzling light reflections, enhance contrasts and improve colour perception.
  • Optimal face shape - rectangular or oval
  • Prescription glasses possible - These glasses are optically glass able. The best way to do this is to contact the optician of your choice.

Sunglasses Size Guide

The easiest way to find the right size frame for you is to start with your existing glasses / sunglasses. All glasses frames have information printed on them about various frame measurements. You can usually find these measurements on the inside of the arms, or you might find your glasses / sunglasses have these values printed on the back of the bridge or the inside of the nose piece.

The first numbers we need to look for will always be in a sequence of 3, for example, 54-20-140.

The number on the left side is the lens diameter. It’s the length of the lens at its widest point, measured in millimetres. The number in the middle, is the bridge / nose width. This is the distance between the two lenses – the part that fits on your nose. As mentioned earlier – this number is really important for a well-fitting pair of glasses. Finally, right is the length of the arms on your glasses. Just match measurements to your new pair of sunglasses for a similar fit and feel.


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