K2 Thrilluvit 85 Women's Ski's (2019)
K2 Thrilluvit 85 Women's Ski's (2019)

K2 Thrilluvit 85 Women's Ski's (2019)

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    The K2 Thrilluvit 85 is designed for women that want to progress into off piste skiing. The widest point in the tip has been brought back to where the rocker starts, making the Thrilluvit feel much shorter than it is. This gives it a shorter radius making turning over the moguls or through the trees a piece of cake! It’s 85mm waist gives it float off piste without compromising too much edge grip on piste. The Hybridtech construction with sidewall construction underfoot gives the ski power and edge grip, and the capped construction in the extremities reduces swing weight and makes the ski forgiving when you haven’t got your carving technique right just yet.

    The BioKonic core is designed specifically for women, with a mix of two different wood’s which allows the ski to flex better for the way most women ski. Women’s specific core integrated into the Konic Technology design, with a Bioflex (Aspen and Paulownia) wood along the perimeter of the ski and Nanolite through the centre for reduced swing weight with an unmatched flex profile. 5% reduction in weight but a 15% reduction in swing weight.

    K2 & the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

    In 2002, the K2 Alliance wanted to do more to support their community of women by supporting the Breast Cancer Research Foundation® (BCRF). Pink ribbons were placed on all women’s products to create awareness and directly support the cause; a percentage of all sales of women’s products were donated to the BCRF. Since then, K2 has donated over One Million dollars to the BCRF.



    Dimensions (170cm)

    • Tip - 128mm
    • Waist - 85mm
    • Tail - 112mm
    • Radius – 13.5m
    • Rocker Profile – Tip & Tail Rocker
    • Ability Level – Intermediate / Advanced


    • K2 Alliance, Women making kick-ass ski’s! - The K2 Alliance has always been at the forefront of developing the most badass women’s specific skis and they’ve done it again with their latest collection incorporating the all-new BIOkonic technology. The goal for the Alliance was to create a collection of skis designed from the ground up to specifically address the needs of female skiers of every level, type, and size; delivering the appropriate balance of performance attributes all while maintaining accessibility for a wide group of skiers. K2’s Alliance and R&D crew has taken a Women’s First Design approach to the development of BIOkonic technology. The concept is simple, taking the BIOlogical approach to how women ski. It doesn’t mean just taking a men’s ski and moving the mounting point forward; it’s a holistic approach to the overall design of the ski, matching the shape, flex profile and material distribution to the needs of female skiers. Moreover, BIOkonic technology allows K2 to optimize these attributes throughout all sizes of each model, ensuring that all women can benefit from BIOkonic.
    • All Terrain Rocker - Skis with All-Terrain rocker have a gradual rise to the tip for great versatility in all conditions, with a short, low rise in the tail for added control variable snow.
    • Hybridtech Sidewalls - Blending a sidewall construction underfoot with a cap construction in the extremities. The sidewall section gives the ski accuracy, power and edge grip while the capped regions reduce swing weight and increase overall durability.

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      You can't ski without bindings. To a certain extent bindings are bindings and although there are some performance differences between them the biggest change is the materials. Cheaper bindings tend to be made with lots of plastic, where as more expensive ones have more metal in their construction. More metal makes the binding stronger, more durable and will last longer. If you change your ski's in the future you can then transfer the bindings to them, it's worth spending a little more on bindings if you can.

      When selecting a binding choose a binding with a brake that is min 5mm wider than the waist of the ski.

      Marker Griffon

      • Advanced / aggressive skiers
      • Heavier skiers
      • Skiers requiring durable bindings for freestyle

      Look SPX 12 Dual WTR

      • Advanced / aggressive skiers
      • Heavier skiers
      • Skiers requiring durable bindings for freestyle

      Marker Squire

      • Intermediate - advanced skiers
      • All-mountain skiers who want lightweight, ease-of-use

        Look NX 12 Dual WTR

        • Intermediate - advanced skiers
        • All-mountain skiers who want lightweight, ease-of-use

          Look NX 11

          • Beginner - advanced all mountain skiers
          • Lighter weight skiers
          • Skiers that prefer an easy release

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