K2 Anthem 72Ti HS Women's Ski's Inc ERC 11 Bindings (2020)

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  • HS stands for High Speed. The K2 Anthem 72Ti is a medium radius piste ski for those women that love speed. Ideal for experienced skiers that know the exact feel they want from a predictable turning groomer ski, the Anthem 72Ti HS stays locked on to the piste for lacing railroad tracks all day long.



    Dimensions (160cm)

    • Tip - 125mm
    • Waist - 72mm
    • Tail - 104mm
    • Radius – 13m
    • Rocker Profile - Tip Rocker
    • Ability Level - Advanced / Expert


    • K2 Alliance, Women making kick-ass ski’s! - The K2 Alliance has always been at the forefront of developing the most badass women’s specific skis and they’ve done it again with their latest collection incorporating the all-new BIOkonic technology. The goal for the Alliance was to create a collection of skis designed from the ground up to specifically address the needs of female skiers of every level, type, and size; delivering the appropriate balance of performance attributes all while maintaining accessibility for a wide group of skiers. K2’s Alliance and R&D crew has taken a Women’s First Design approach to the development of BIOkonic technology. The concept is simple, taking the BIOlogical approach to how women ski. It doesn’t mean just taking a men’s ski and moving the mounting point forward; it’s a holistic approach to the overall design of the ski, matching the shape, flex profile and material distribution to the needs of female skiers. Moreover, BIOkonic technology allows K2 to optimize these attributes throughout all sizes of each model, ensuring that all women can benefit from BIOkonic.
    • Speed Rocker - Short and low rise for added agility and quick transitions between turns.
    • BIOkonic- The optimization of materials and flex profile, placing heavier –dense materials over the edges of the ski where they have the most impact on performance, while guaranteeing optimized flex on every size from smallest to largest.
    • Stance Forward – Men and women are built differently, men have broader shoulders and women have broader hips. When in the skiing stance this changes the centre of gravity which is lower and further back for women. 
    • Aspen Paulownia BioKonic core - Aspen is lightweight and resilient, a great all-around material.


    Bindings are included and mounted for FREE, just add this item to your basket with mounting details.

    • Includes Marker ERC 11 Binding
    • GRIP WALK SYSTEM - New Patented ISO 9523 rocker sole boot and binding system designed for better grip and added walking comfort without compromising the binding’s power transmission and release function. No adjustments needed.

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