Dynastar Intense 8 Women's Ski's Inc Xpress W11 Binding (2019)

Dynastar Intense 8 Women's Ski's Inc Xpress W11 Binding (2019)

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    Designed for intermediate skiers, the Intense 8 is a forgiving ski. If you haven’t got your carving technique right yet, the Cap construction allows the edges to flex a little allowing easy skidded parallel turns. Early Rise tip rocker eases turn initiation for playful, energetic carving performance.

    Active Light Core and Powerdrive Inside technologies work in harmony, offering a balanced, natural flex for more comfortable and accessible on-trail precision and edge grip.

    Dynastar's women's specific design draws feedback from their factory team across all disciplines to tailor their ski's to women.



    Dimensions (158cm)

    • Tip - 125mm
    • Waist - 74mm
    • Tail - 108mm
    • Radius - 11m
    • Rocker Profile - Tip Rocker
    • Ability Level - Intermediate


    • Women's Specific Design - Just because they are smaller and lighter, and have a lower centre of gravity than men, does this mean that they are the weaker gender? Certainly not! By adjusting the ski’s flex, weight and balance, Dynastar has designed skis tailored to their morphology, producing the best products of their generation. We have to say, it’s got to be better than simply painting a pair of unisex skis pink! Created by Dynastar, adopted by women.
    • Powerdrive Inside - Combining our Active Wood Core construction and visco elastomer inserts, our POWERDRIVE INSIDE construction enhances shearing between core materials, providing a smoother, more natural flex for more comfort, precision, and control.
    • Cap Construction - CAP CONSTRUCTION skis are nimble, lightweight, and more resistant to chipping. Instead of adding extra sidewall material, the topsheet and laminate materials wrap the core of the ski from edge-to-edge.
    • Tip Rocker - Designed for hard snow performance, our subtle TIP ROCKER profile with traditional camber through the rest the ski speeds turn initiation while retaining powerful energy, shock-absorption, and edge grip.
    • Active Light Core - Combining the benefits of microcell with our ultra-light Dynacell technology, ACTIVE LIGHT CORE balances lightness and shock-absorption for enhanced stability, comfort, and ease-of-use.


    Winner of the 2012 ISPO Eco Responsibility Award, the XPRESS is 700g lighter than traditional alpine bindings and have 35% less environmental impact while offering strong power transmission, shock absorption and an easy step-in design.

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