Airhole Airtube Ergo Merino
Airhole Airtube Ergo Merino
Airhole Airtube Ergo Merino
Airhole Airtube Ergo Merino
Airhole Airtube Ergo Merino
Airhole Airtube Ergo Merino
Airhole Airtube Ergo Merino
Airhole Airtube Ergo Merino
Airhole Airtube Ergo Merino

Airhole Airtube Ergo Merino

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The Airtube Ergo Merino is an ergonomically shaped neck tube. Merino Wool is light soft and has natural antiodour and moisture wicking properties.

Why do you need a hole in a face mask in front of your mouth?

As you exhale you also breathe out moisture. This gets trapped in the mask and you end up with a wet face all day..... nice. If it gets cold that moisture freezes making you colder. The Airhole is designed to allow breath to escape freely, avoiding the build up of condensation to keep you dry, warm and goggles fog free. Stay out there longer.

All Airhole masks have a minimum UPF of 50 which means they block 98% of harmful UV rays. This helps prevent premature aging and the risk of damage to the wearers skin. Unlike many sunblock products, Airhole Facemasks block both UVA and UVB radiation.



  • MERINO wool is a highly technical, natural fibre that has superior heat managing, moisture wicking and odor preventing properties compared to man-made fibres. Merino is incredibly lightweight which allows us to make our masks smaller and more compact without sacrificing performance in all conditions. We added 5% Spandex to the fabric to increase durability, comfort and maintain the shape. Protect yourself naturally with our renewable fabric.
  • AIRTUBE ERGO - Ergonomic shape
  • ALWAYS WARM - Stays warm even when wet
  • NATURALLY ODORLESS - Merino is naturally antibacterial and resists odor
  • LIGHTWEIGHT + BREATHABLE - Wool provides natural lightweight protection

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Care Instructions

Merino wool is a delicate fabric and needs to be washed with care. We recommend that you wash your Merino garments on a normal warm or cool machine wash cycle with regular powder or liquid clothes washing detergent, not wool detergent and do not use fabric softener or bleach.

As usual, separate your lights and darks and do not expose any Merino garment to heat and do not tumble dry.

  • Wash similar colours together
  • Wash prints inside out
  • Close all zippers
  • Do not wash above 40 Degrees and line dry garments – do not tumble dry as this contributes to shrinkage
  • Use regular clothes washing detergent, not wool detergent, do not use bleach or fabric softener
  • To preserve colours Merino products are best left to line dry or lie flat in the shade.

Pro tip # If you do want to freshen up your Merino products while on holiday but don’t have a washing machine just wear it in the shower and use your regular soap or shower gel on the garment. If it’s safe to go on your skin or your hair it’s safe for Merino wool.


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