Dakine Airbag Package

The Removable Airbag System 3.0 is an avalanche airbag system based on a square, brightly-coloured airbag that deploys behind the wearer’s head within seconds. The new system is safe and easy to use. It is even lighter and smaller than before and can be attached to all Removable 3.0-compatible backpacks.

It’s Important that you not only know how to deploy your bag, you should also know how to re-pack it too. Mammut makes a test tool that lets you practice pulling the handle and makes a click when you have pulled it hard enough, but it doesn’t let you deploy the bag.

At Funky Yeti we want you to be sure exactly how your bag works so we will replace your 1st Cartridge for FREE. When you receive your bag;

  • Set up your bag and adjust the straps to comfort.
  • Install the Mammut RAS system and cartridge.
  • Arm the system.
  • Put on the backpack and pull the handle to deploy the airbag.
  • Deflate and re-pack the airbag.
  • Send the cartridge back to us and we will send you your first replacement cartridge for free, that hopefully you will never ever use!

If you do deploy your cartridge and need a replacement you can send the empty cartridge back to us and we’ll replace it for £15 plus postage!


How to install the Mammut RAS 3.0 system