Every single one of Nix Snowsport's Made To Measure Series skis are customised for you. Taking each skiers height, weight, ability level and skiing style and inputting it into Nix’s design software, the Bamboo core of each pair of skis are then cut and profiled to the correct shape and thickness for each skier’s requirements.

After the core is cut the ski is then moved to the layup stage where the edges are attached and additional layers of materials such as Carbon Fibre, Fibreglass, Flax or other materials as required are added to further customise the ski. Before moving to the Press the topsheet is added along with the graphics. While some graphics have been pre-prepared for each model you also have the option to customise your ski by swapping to the graphics from one of the other models or you can even opt for custom graphics.
The whole layup is then put into the press for a few hours to form the ski into its final rocker / camber profile. The result is a product that is as individual as you are, perfectly tailored to fit, giving you the confidence to ride harder, climb higher and descend further.

Each pair of skis is hand made in London. This usually takes around 3-4 weeks until delivery and may be longer during busy periods.

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