Nix Snowsport Co.

"Nix Snowsport's story started as little more than a casual conversation over a beer, back in 2008 in the French Alps. While chatting, we realized that we all had a tonne of suggestions about what we'd like to change to make our gear perform better for each us. It was this conversation which became the foundation for Nix, and, after training in Industrial Design and Engineering, Nix's founder James set about turning this idea into what we are today.

After building our first press and sourcing the best selection of sustainable materials we could lay our hands on, we spent several years designing, redesigning, building prototypes and product testing, before finally launching in 2017.

Now we design and build bespoke skis and snowboards that combine British craftsmanship and exceptional functionality with the greenest credentials possible. Everything we make is customized to fit. So, whether it's something from our tailored Made To Measure series, or a completely Bespoke product, each pair of skis or snowboard is as individual as you are."